Pump Characteristics and Applications, Third Edition

Michael Volk

Language: English

Published: Oct 1, 2012


Pump training and the associated materials have always been an integral part of Volk’s offering to individuals and organizations who work with pumps. Now retired from his career in pump consulting and live trainings, Volk continues to offer the following training materials on pumps, with an emphasis on these important topics:

  • Basic and advanced hydraulic principles
  • Pump selection and sizing
  • Pump system design and analysis
  • Energy savings in pump selection and operation
  • Applications, features, and components of various pump types
  • Centrifugal and positive displacement pumps
  • Major pump accessories such as sealing systems and motors
  • Start-up, trouble-shooting, maintenance, and repair of pumps

泵培训和相关材料一直是Volk不可或缺的一部分 提供给使用泵的个人和组织。现已从职业生涯中退休 泵咨询和现场培训,Volk继续提供以下培训材料 关于泵,重点是以下重要主题:

  • 基本和高级液压原理
  • 泵的选择和选型
  • 泵系统设计和分析
  • 泵选择和运行中的节能
  • 各种泵类型的应用、特性和组件
  • 离心泵和容积泵
  • 主要泵配件,如密封系统和电机
  • 泵的启动、故障排除、维护和维修