Axial Turbine Aerodynamics for Aero-engines

Zhengping Zou • Songtao Wang Huoxing Liu • Weihao Zhang

Language: English

Publisher: Springer Singapore

Published: Jan 1, 2018


With the progress of aviation technology, turbine aerodynamic, as one of the major

support subjects for the development of aero-gas turbine, has experienced a rapid

development in the recent 20 years, with new physical phenomena being discovered

and understood constantly, as well as new design methods emerging continuously.

Thanks to these achievements, aerodynamic design capability for aero-gas turbines

has increased rapidly, and the design level has reached a new stage. It is exactly the

application of the latest fine aerodynamics design technologies in aero-gas turbines

greatly improves the aerodynamic load and efficiency of turbines in modern

aero-engines. In order to timely introduce the latest achievements and provide some

reference for fundamental research on turbine aerodynamics and for the development

of engineering design methods, the authors carried out a thorough sorting of

research progresses on turbine aerodynamics in the recent 20 years, and based on

that, wrote this book. This book systematically introduces the research achievements

on mechanisms of complex flows in turbines and aerodynamic design

methods, and is expected to be able to make some contributions to the theoretical

research on aero-gas turbine aerodynamics and development of turbine aerodynamic

design technology.